26 آبان 1397

In 1942 20 Veterinary Medicine graduates established Veterinarian Syndicate aiming to introduce veterinary medicine and the role of this profession in public health and national economy to the public. Secretary of this syndicate was Dr. Mohammad Kazemi. 

Following this success, in 1946, due to the unfair attitudes, vocational discriminations towards veterinarians and neglecting the Veterinary Syndicate, a number of veterinarians gathered around to work on establishment of an active Professional Association. Legal establishment of this professional association required having constitution and policy of the association approved by the civil police, and then the establishment permit could be issued.

The colleagues held weekly meetings for a couple of months to prepare the constitution. After preparing the constitution and submitting it to the civil police for official reviews, the constitution was finally approved by the civil police in 1950 and Iranian Veterinary Association established unofficially. The regulations required the association to introduce a director, and founders of the associated elected Dr. Mohammad Tabesh as director of the Iranian Veterinary Association and introduced him to the civil police. 

After passing through formalities and continuous follow ups, finally in early 1952 the civil police allowed official establishment of the Iranian Veterinary Association. 

An important objective of the constitution was protecting occupational rights of the veterinarians and enhancing the scientific and technical level of the colleagues. The very small delegates of the Iranian Veterinary Association increased remarkably after a year, so that majority of the veterinarians became members of the association at that time. The main problem of Iranian Veterinary Association was not having a office to manage the meetings and speeches. In the first year, due to small number of members and inadequacy of the membership fee it was not possible for the association to rent a place, and with the permission of officials of the Ministry of Agriculture the speeches and general assembly meetings of the association were held in amphitheater of the Minsitry of Agriculture. 

In 1959, the late Dr. Malekzadeh dedicated the basement of his property for a very low renting price to Iranian Veterinary Association. When Dr. Esmail Ardalan was elected as director of Iranian Veterinary Association, because he was meanwhile the director of Tehran Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, he allowed the association meetings to be held in the conference hall of the Faculty, and this situation continued for a couple of years. 

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